Have you ever seen a mouse or a rat at your business? If so, we hate to tell you that it was probably just one of many. Rodents are great at staying hidden, which means that if you see one there are probably man you have not seen. In fact, many people only know they have rodents because of the tell-tale signs of a rodent infestation, such as droppings, chewed up areas, and even strange noises in the walls.

Rodents are a serious pest problem that can go from an inconvenience to an infestation seemingly overnight. That is because mice multiply extremely quickly. A female mouse can have 5 to 10 litters a year, with litters ranging from 3 to 14 mice. Additionally, female mice are sexually mature at six weeks and breed all year long, with a 19-day gestation period. A single mother mouse could have 140 babies in a year. Of course, those babies also have babies, which can lead to thousands of mice in a year.

Rats do not multiply quite as quickly as mice. They are not sexually mature until three or four months old. However, they are fertile year-round, and females have about six litters a year. Their litter sizes are 5 to 12 pups. So, a single mom can give birth to about 72 pups a year. That means that a single pair of rats can lead to over 1,000 babies in a year. The exponential growth rate means that you could theoretically have billions of rats within a period of a few years, though natural factors would usually prevent that type of growth. However, as the recent rat and mice plague demonstrates, sometimes those natural factors do not limit growth, leading to mass infestations. So, it’s best to get on top of rodents before they become a costly infestation.

What can you do to stay ahead of rodent infestations?

Install Flick’s SMART Digital Pest Control system. Our SMART Digital Pest Control is designed to monitor for the first sign of pests. Knowing where and when rodents are entering your premises helps us tailor a personalized extermination plan that targets your pest problem. The SMART system does more than just monitor; it also exterminates rodents quickly and efficiently, without the risk of pesticides that come with traditional pest control methods.

SMART Digital Pest Control enables our technicians to be responsive to evolving pest control situations. By harnessing the power of technology instead of poison, SMART can stop an infestation before it becomes a costly problem for your business. Stop rodents and protect your business, reputation and customers.

Whatever your needs, our SMART Digital Pest Control system can help you keep your building pest-free. We have SMART solutions for all commercial businesses. Contact us today for a site inspection and analysis.

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