Are you worried that your business has a rat infestation? If so, you want to eradicate them before your customers see them. However, to do that, you must be able to locate and target them.

Flick has an innovative electronic monitoring and targeting system that lets you see where rats are located and then place electronic traps near where the rats are found. This makes it much more likely that you will manage to exterminate them.

Electronic monitoring is much more effective than old-school methods of discovering if rats were present. Before electronic monitoring, you had to look for other signs of rats. Those signs included

  • Rat holes or entrances in the bottom of walls
  • Seeing rat feces, which are tiny brown, oblong droppings
  • Grease or dirt tracks along walls or floors
  • Seeing live rats running around
  • Seeing a dead rat

Of course, by the time you see those signs, you probably already have a full-blown infestation. Getting rid of rats once they reach infestation levels is much more complex than killing a rat that gets into your business and has not had time to nest or have babies.

Although electronic monitoring is helpful, it is only part of our services. We also handle exclusion. Preventing rats is always easier than getting rid of them. So, we inspect your premises to determine what may put you at risk for a rodent infestation. That means we look for whether you have food and water sources available. If so, we instruct you on how to mitigate access to those sources. We plug any cracks and crevices that are big enough to admit pests. We also investigate open areas. Unlike people’s homes, businesses often need to leave spaces open for customers. You may have bay doors or other access points where rats can enter and cannot block them. So, we discuss mitigation strategies.

One of those strategies has nothing to do with extermination and everything to do with cleanliness. How dirty is your business? You need to look hard at break areas and bathrooms to see if they have crumbs or grime that will attract pests. If so, getting regular cleaning can help prevent infestations.

Ready to have a rat-free workplace? Give Flick a call. We can provide prevention and extermination services to protect your office from rats, mice, and other pests. We are more affordable than you realize, and our results are quick and long-lasting.

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