Are you considering a career in pest control? We think it is a great field, with a ton of possibilities. While it is not for everyone, if you are interested in a career where you get to be independent, earn a good salary, have plenty of room for growth, and have job security, a career in pest control may be for you.

Employee Benefits & Discounts

At Flick we care about our staff, which is why we have the Flick Factor, our internal employee benefits and discounts app. Through the Flick Factor you will have access to discounts to over 300+ retailers, as well as the wellbeing center for online workouts and meal plans.

Industry Accredited Training

We give you industry accredited training and hands on experience to learn the craft of pest control with best practice. You do not need to have any prior pest control experience to join the Flick Family. Flick Anticimex are a Registered Training Organization (RTO), meaning you will graduate our Pest Control Traineeship with a nationally recognized certification.

Room for Growth

The pest control industry is growing, which means that there are opportunities for advancement. Our management team have moved up in this industry and we strive to promote from within. That means that pest control is not just a job, it can be a great career. Some of the growth opportunities include administration, sales, field staff, and management.

Job Security

No matter what the economy is like, businesses and residents need pest control. In fact, in Australia pest control is a required part of many real estate transactions and food safety plans. That makes pest control recession proof. The demand for the services stays strong, even when demands for other services are in decline.

Helping People

Finally, while you may not think of pest control as a helping profession, we can tell you that getting rid of pests absolutely improves quality of life. As a pest control professional, you help people avoid or get rid of stressful, dangerous, and damaging pests. You will be surprised how much joy it can bring you to help people improve their lives.

More Than Pest Control

Pest control still not for you? Do not stress, you can join the Flick Family as a Customer Care Consultant at one of our 40+ branches! You do not need any prior experience in customer service or pest control, as we will provide you with training to provide excellent customer service.

If you are interested in starting your career with Australia’s no.1 pest control company, contact us today!

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