With our humid weather, Newcastle is the perfect environment for many types of spiders. Unfortunately, that means that you can find some of the world’s most dangerous spiders here, including the funnel web spider, wolf spider, hunter spiders, red back spiders, and huntsman spiders. A bite from any of these spiders can lead to a lot of pain and potentially serious medical complications. Some can even be deadly. So, it is important to watch out for spiders in Newcastle.

Most experts consider the Sydney funnel web to be the most dangerous spider in the world, outranking even the red back spider. These inconspicuous looking spiders can be difficult to differentiate from other spiders, which can be a serious problem. That is because a single bite from this spider can kill an adult in 15 minutes and a child even more quickly. They require immediate medical attention and treatment with anti-venom. Fortunately, anti-venom is widely available, so there have been no deaths from spider bites in over 40 years.

If you are bitten by a funnel web, it is important to get emergency attention. Remember, a single bite can kill an adult in 15 minutes. So, you want to keep pressure bandages in your first aid kid and use pressure and immobilisation to prevent the venom from spreading throughout your body. You also want to call emergency services or head to a hospital immediately. Getting timely medical care can not only save your life, but also help prevent serious medical complications from the bite. If you know that the spider bite was not from a Sydney funnel web, you can apply ice and monitor the bite. If you see any symptoms other than localised pain, itching, or swelling, you should still get medical care.

Since the Sydney funnel web looks like other funnel webs spiders, you may need an expert to identify them. Dangerous funnel web spiders are difficult to differentiate from their more benign relatives. Since the Sydney funnel webs are so dangerous, we do not suggest trying to eliminate them on your own. Instead, hire a professional to handle identification and pest control. Flick’s trained technicians can recognise and eliminate all sorts of spiders, keeping you and your family safe.

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