Pest control at university TAFE programs

Worries about pest control do not end just because your students are adults. In fact, pests remain a problem at the university level or in TAFE programs. They may even be more of a problem because the design of these higher-level education programs often means people going in and out of buildings and traveling between buildings. The more movement you have, the more likely it is that pests can enter the building. Of course, once they have gotten inside, pests are likely to find places to hide and reproduce.

SMART digital pest control for university and TAFE

Flick has a great solution to your pest problems. It is our SMART system. Our SMART digital monitoring and pest control system is the ultimate solution to your pest problems.

Why is SMART pest control the best solution?

It is discrete. Our monitors and traps are placed in hidden locations, so that you can handle pest control issues without drawing attention to the pest control.

It is safe. We use non-toxic bait to attract pests to our traps. The traps are designed to target pests, not people, so you can use them safely, even in areas with lots of traffic.

SMART sees where you cannot. Our SMART monitors and traps are small enough to place in difficult to reach and hidden places. That means we can spot pests before they reproduce enough to create a visible problem.

It is not disruptive. SMART can be used at any time, which means that you do not have to schedule extermination services for when school is not in session. However, our technicians can come after school hours to empty and reset traps.

It is 24/7. With remote, digital monitoring we can see your premises 24/7. This means that we can detect where pests may be hiding and see their movement patterns at all times of day. That is important because you could have a serious, hidden pest problem on your campus, but not notice any daytime activity until it has become a full-on infestation.

SMART starts out with a thorough inspection. We come to your campus to identify risk zones. Once we know your riskiest areas, we set up sensors and traps in those areas. Then we begin to monitor them. We relocate traps based on pest activity, to ensure that your pest control plan is personalized to your building. The goal is to help prevent infestations, which means early, targeted pest control. Contact us today to get started.

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