Are you struggling with pest control? While basic forms of pest control can effectively handle some types of pests and some pest infestations, it simply is not the best way to handle your pest problem. Advances in technology have made it possible to target pest control and eliminate the need for dangerous chemicals. The result is safer, more effective pest control.

Targeted Pest Control

According to our customers, the best thing about our SMART system is the ability to monitor and target pests. Instead of using chemicals over an entire building or placing traps in random spots, SMART’s monitoring lets us determine where pests are. Even better, we can move our traps and sensors to other areas if pests are on the move.

Flicks’ Smart Eye

It can be difficult to see pest activity. Most pests live in dark, damp spaces. They may never come out of their hiding spots during the day. As a result, the first sign of pest infestation is often the tell-tale signs that they have been there. You may notice droppings, damaged items, funny smells, or even dead pests. Flick’s Smart Eye sees places you cannot see. We can place our sensors in hidden areas to detect pest presence. This helps us determine where pests are congregating, so we can target them in place. This type of monitoring means that we find a pest problem before it becomes an infestation.

24/7 Monitoring

Another great thing about when you upgrade to SMART system is that we offer 24/7 monitoring. Pests are generally going to avoid humans. This means that until an infestation becomes overwhelming, you may not ever see a pest. With our 24/7 monitoring system, we can watch for pests when you cannot. Our sensors detect the presence of pests and track where they are located. This lets us move our traps to areas where pests are active. This means we can provide responsive pest control that changes as pest patterns change. Instead of moving around your building and hiding from us, we track pests and get them in their hiding spots.

Safe Traps

Some people hesitate to use exterminators because of fears about chemicals or traps. Our SMART system uses local foods as bait to get animals into traps where they are humanely exterminated. There is no danger to people or to standard house pets.

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