Many people think that primary schools must be messier than secondary schools. After all, the students are younger and have not learned as much about cleanliness. However, anyone who has been in the trenches at a secondary school soon realizes that they can be a real mess. Even regular daily cleaning can miss some of that mess, making them an inviting place for pests.

Steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of pests in your high school

Making rules that focus on cleanliness is important, but it is equally important to be realistic. Teenagers love to break rules. So, just because you have made a rule to deal with pests does not mean you are going to get compliance. Instead, you need to plan pest control knowing that those rules will be broken. The rules will help you reduce, but will not eliminate, the conditions that attract pests.

  • Limit dining to one area. If students are allowed to eat in their classrooms, then you have to worry about food in the classroom attracting pests. By limiting dining to a cafeteria or lunchroom area, you reduce the places that will attract pests.
  • Make students clean their lockers. Some students use their lockers as trash bins. They may have food, crumbs, and wrappers. Weekly locker cleanouts can ensure that students remove the things that draw in pests.
  • Run a clean dining area. Teach students to clean up after themselves and be prepared to reinforce that rule. Clean dining areas as soon as student meals are complete. The longer food, crumbs, and debris sit, the harder they are to remove.
  • Properly dispose of trash. Instead of storing trash inside, store it outside in a secure trash area. Empty trash cans in all areas on a daily basis.

Flick SMART digital pest control to eliminate pest problems in secondary schools

While those steps can help reduce your risk of pests, they are not going to eliminate pests once they are at the secondary school. That is where SMART steps in. It combines state-of-the-art 24/7 monitoring with a poison-free trap system. It lets you target and exterminate secondary school pests in a discrete, safe, and easy way.

Why is SMART digital pest control so easy?

Because, once you have arranged to get the SMART system, we handle the rest. We monitor the alerts, move the traps to high-traffic areas, and empty the traps. You do not have to do anything. It lets you get reliable pest control without having to worry about secondary school pest control.

If you are ready for a worry-free pest control experience, contact Flick for an evaluation and quote, today.

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