We are not hateful people. Still, we have to admit that we hate cockroaches. These pests are just gross. They spread disease. They scurry around. They hide in the darkness. They can be hard to kill. They make people think your home or business is filthy. Plus, some of them even fly. They are disgusting.

So, when a customer calls us, ready to get rid of cockroaches, we are all-in on the plan. Let us figure out where they are hiding and get to them, so you do not have roaches anymore.

Why Cockroaches May Still Be Around

However, how do you know when the roaches are actually gone? If you have tried some DIY extermination approaches, you may have thought you took care of your cockroach problem, only to have more of them emerge. That is no surprise. Cockroaches usually stay hidden. By the time you start to see them or notice evidence of them, you may have a bigger problem than you realize. They are there, lurking and hiding in dark, hidden, hard-to-reach areas. Some favorite spots include in water pipes, under the sink, behind appliances, in your cupboards, under your oven, and under your refrigerator.

Evidence To Look Out For

To see if your efforts have been successful, you want to look and see if evidence of them continues to appear after cleaning and exterminating.

Do you see cockroaches? If you see cockroaches on your walls, floors, or countertops, you have roaches. This is especially true during the daytime. Naturally nocturnal, most people only see roaches skittering away when you turn on a light. If you see them out and about during the day, it can mean you have a big problem!

Do you smell cockroaches? Cockroaches have a musty smell that lingers and gets on things where they crawl. Do you notice a lingering musty scent that does not seem to go away with normal cleaning? It could be a sign of cockroaches.

Droppings are a big sign of roaches. The size depends on the roach species, but you are looking for black or brown droppings that may look like pepper or coffee grounds. If you see feces continuing to accumulate after a pest control treatment, you still have roaches.

Flick’s Digital SMART System

Use Flick’s digital SMART system. If you have notice that these signs all rely on roaches where you can see them, then you realize they may not be enough. Flick’s SMART digital monitoring lets you see into hidden places, so you can monitor the roach population where they like to hide. It is a great way to make sure that your cockroaches are truly gone and to monitor for any signs of new infestations.

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