Termites are a huge problem in Australia. At any given time, about 1/3 of the homes in Australia have termites. They do billions of dollars of damage each year, destroy the structural integrity of your home, and are a serious problem.

However, because termites are such a common problem, it can make treating them feel like it is not urgent. After all, so many people have them, how bad can they be? Well, termites can cause a surprising amount of damage to your home. You probably already knew that left unchecked, termites can impact your home’s structural integrity. What you may not have known is that termites can impact your health.

Termite Treatment Can Prevent Additional Mould Growth

Termites can spread mould in your house. Termites thrive in the dank, dark, moist spaces where mould grows. As they chew through the wood in those spaces, they create pathways for mould to travel throughout your home. Chewing on mouldy areas also sends mould spores into the air. This can impact air quality. While some moulds are harmless, except to those with allergies, others can cause significant illness.

Termites can cause illnesses. By destroying wood, termites create dust that can exacerbate symptoms in people with asthma and allergies. If termites spread mould in the house, it can cause problems ranging from fungal infections on your skin to lung infections and neurological disorders.

Termite Infestation Could Bring the House Down!

Termites can impact the structural integrity of your home. Wood that has been attacked by termites becomes fragile and brittle, which makes it unsuitable to hold up the weight. When a termite infestation is minor, this can mean a little damage and some wood that needs to be replaced. However, if termites get to support beams or other items needed for structural integrity, they can make it dangerous to be in a building.

Fortunately, Flick has you covered. We offer termite extermination services, termite warranty inspections at affordable rates, and a variety of Constant Home Protection Plans designed to detect and treat termites before they can become a hazard to your home. Whether you need termite treatment now or simply want to prepare for the future, contact Flick today or give us a call at + 1300 270 019.

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