Target Termites with Termguard

Many homeowners don’t discover a termite problem until it is too late. Target termites at the point of entry with Termguard Perimeter & Penetration Retreatment System.

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Termguard is specifically designed as a long-term termite management and damage prevention system. It has been extensively tested over the last two decades and has proven successful in protecting businesses from attack.

Around the Clock Termite Protection

The Termguard reticulation systems require chemical agent to be delivered in a single application which has a residual life expectancy of between 3 – 5 years. It is inaccessible after construction, which avoids problems associated with termiticide drift and exposure.

An Armoured Shield System That’s Cost-Effective

The Armoured shield prevent termites from gaining entry around the slab penetrations, while the perimeter reticulation system prevents termites from gaining entry to the property over the slab edge.

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