Think time is on your side once you’ve found some Bed Bugs? Think again. Here’s our list of ten things that take longer than checking for Bed Bugs.


  1. Bed Bugs Dying from old age. An adult Bed Bug lives between 2 to 4 months!
  2. Training a bedbug detection dog. Dogs make excellent hunters of Bed Bugs. In fact, specially trained dogs have a 97% accuracy rate in finding bed bugs, compared to a humans 30% for visual inspection. But training these dogs doesn’t happen overnight. It takes 800 to 1,000 hours of training before a dog is ready to work.
  3. Removing Bed Bugs once they’ve reached infestation level. Removing Bed Bugs is a tricky process and can take weeks to fully eradicate the problem and find the source. Whilst our technicians specialise in bed Bug removal, it could be a big time saver and money saver by checking now.
  4. The lifespan of an adult Mayfly. A mayfly starts its life off as an egg, then a nymph. It can remain in this form for several years before morphing into its adult form. An adult Mayfly lives for just 24 hours. In that time you could inspect and treat your whole property!
  5. Reaching the International Space Station. The ISS can be reached in as little as six hours from Launch to docking. That’s enough time to visually inspect your entire house and then vacuum floor to ceiling.
  6. A TV Commercial break. Most TV ad breaks last between 3 – 5 minutes, so you can check around the base of the bed and behind the bedside tables and around any cracks in the wall for signs of bed bugs!
  7. Waiting for the Kettle to boil. Research shows the average Kettle takes between 2 – 3 minutes to boil. That’s plenty of time to send an enquiry through our convenient contact form!
  8. The Bathurst 1000 Lap record. Set by David Reynolds in a Holden ZB Commodore clocking in at 2 minutes, 6.11492 seconds. In this time you can check behind your bed and the sheets, paying attention for any Bed Bug droppings
  9.  Reading this Blog. In the time it takes for you to read this Blog, you could have checked for bed bugs.
  10. Usain Bolts world record breaking 100m sprint lap. A quick visual inspection around your bed, takes only seconds.

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