4 signs you have mice!

Winter is now only a matter of days away, and with it comes an influx of rodents. Rodents thrive in the cooler weather, being better adapted at living in the cold than the heat of an Australian summer. They love living in small spaces close to sources of food, and so naturally your home can seem like a paradise, with nooks and crannies galore and a cupboard stocked full of delicious treats. Whilst all rodents survive in seemingly impossibly small spaces, mice are especially good at this given they are notably smaller than their Rat cousins. Although they can be hard to actually find or spot, they do leave tell tale signs of their habitation. Here are three of them to help you check if you have mice


Rub marks:

When the fur of rodents rubs against walls and other surfaces, they leave behind a greasy residue, most noticeable when dealing with very large infestations



Materials like paper, cardboard boxes, and rags are commonly used to build nests.

Droppings: Mice Droppings are small, about 1- 3mm long, are similar in size to a grain of rice, and often have hair in them.

What to do

Two things you can do now is firstly to make sure there are no entrances for the mice in your home. mice can fit through holes 0.6cm across, so get out the caulk gun and fill up any gaps. Consider also buy and installing door seals to stop them coming in under neath the doors. The other thing you can do is to make sure all food is secured in sealed containers, and any left over food is put away and cleaned up. food is a major attractant to Rodents, and removing food sources will make your home far less attractive to rodents. The final thing you can do is to call a Pest professional, like Flick! Flick technicians have special training and equipment to deal with rodents in your home, and with our help, you can rest assured your home won’t be bothered by mice. Call Flick today on 1300 270 019, to have a chat about how we can help!