Wondering if you have mice? If you have seen signs that make you suspect you have mice, then you probably do.

Mice are very common pests. They go through a population boost as the weather starts getting colder. Plus, they often move inside during the colder months. After all, your cozy home offers them shelter, food, and warmth. How inviting! Since mice can get through holes as small as a pencil eraser, they can sneak inside and make themselves at home.

Not everyone knows what signs can indicate mice. So, here are some things that should set off a rodent red flag.

One of the surprising signs of mice is rub marks. Mice have greasy bodies. When they rub themselves along walls and other surfaces, they leave greasy rub marks on walls and other surfaces. They can look dirty and greasy. The more mice you have, the bigger and more noticeable the rub marks will be. You may notice rub marks before you notice other signs because mice tend to run along the e same patterns.

Rub marks for rodents

Droppings are another big sign. Even though rice and rats make great presents, their big drawback is that they cannot be potty trained. Their bowels and bladder are not constructed that way. So, if they are running in open spaces, you should be able to see droppings. Mice droppings are small, brown, oval pellets.

Mice droppings

You may be unable to see mice nests, but you might notice that bedding material is missing. Have mice gotten into your rags, paper, or cardboard boxes? If so, they may be using those materials to build a nest.

Mice Nest

If you do notice mice, the biggest step is prevention. You can shut up any entrances you discover that could let mice into your home. Close up any hole larger than 6.00 cm long. You also want to make sure your food is airtight and that any leaks or other sources of water are kept secure.

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