Have you ever walked into a business and seen evidence of pests? How did it make you feel as a customer? If you are like most of us, the presence of pests made you lose confidence in the business and question their cleanliness and hygiene standards. While even the most meticulously cleaned and maintained businesses can be vulnerable to pests, the presence of pests gives the impression that the business is not clean. For businesses that sell food items or require sanitised surfaces, this impression can result in customers not only choosing not to patronise them, but also leaving reviews indicating that pests were present, resulting in a cascade of lost, current and potential customers. Even for businesses that do not depend on cleanliness for safety, the presence of pests can cause customers to lose confidence in the business. That is why pest-proofing your retail business is a great way to protect your reputation.

While pest control is an important part of maintaining a business, many business owners are also cautious about having obvious evidence of pest control measures that customers can see. That is because many customers assume if they see things like traditional bait stations, the business has an existing pest problem rather than viewing it as an important pest prevention method. Fortunately, Flick takes a comprehensive approach to Commercial Pest control that is virtually undetectable to customers, while still providing thorough pest control. The secret to this revolutionary type of pest control is remote monitoring and responsive pest control using Flick’s own SMART system.

Flick’s SMART pest control program uses technology to effectively target pest control for your business. Remote monitoring allows for 24/7 observation of areas, which allows us to review the data in real time, spotting potential issues as soon as possible, and targeting elimination methods to those issues. This means that we can prevent the presence of a few pests from ballooning into an infestation by using a combination of humane rodent traps and stations, sensors, and monitoring systems. We handle all aspects of pest control, from the initial assessment to routine callouts and maintenance of the system, allowing you the peace-of-mind to focus on your business needs, knowing we will keep pests from taking over your business. In addition, our SMART system is both non-toxic and environmentally-friendly, making it safe for your employees and customers.

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