To many people, unless they see evidence of pests, getting an annual pest inspection seems like a waste of money. No one wants to spend money on services they do not need.
However, skipping your annual pest inspection can be a costly way to save a little money.

Sure, you save the expense of paying a professional to check out your home or business and look for evidence of pests. However, you risk missing evidence of pests and the damage that they can cause. Given that some pests, like termites, can cause tens of thousands of dollars in property damage before you notice their presence or damage, that can be a real problem.

Annual pest inspections can help you discover if pests are present.

Flick’s pest control professionals know where to look for signs of infestation. Under your sinks, under appliances, in those dark and dank places that you avoid. We look where pests like to hide to spot pests before you do. That can be important. As anyone who has ever had a pest infestation can tell you, if you see one pest, you may have dozens or even hundreds of problems lurking in your home.

We know the signs of pests. Feces, oil marks and smudges, abandoned shells, tiny dots of blood, wood shavings, and piles of wings may all seem like undeniable signs of pest infestation. However, these signs, which are some of the top signs of the most notorious types of pests, can be challenging to spot. Insect droppings can be microscopic. Oil smudges from rodents may look like dirt. Detecting these things can take a trained eye.

We can spot vulnerabilities. A considerable part of pest control is prevention. We look at your premises to see if you have conditions that might attract pests. By making you aware of those conditions and giving you concrete guidelines on how to change those conditions, we can help you prevent pest infestation.

It is easier to treat pest infestations in the early stages. The smaller the size of your infestation, the easier it is to treat. Many extermination techniques focus on specific life cycles. The larger the population, the more life stages that will be present. That can cause it to take days, weeks, or even months to completely eradicate a pest population that has been allowed to multiply in hiding.

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