Cross-contamination presents the biggest risk of transmitting viruses and bacteria in a washroom environment. Touching contaminated surfaces and then touching non-contaminated surfaces is probably the biggest source of cross-contamination. Therefore, implementing non-touch solutions in a washroom is probably the best way to avoid cross-contamination.

Soap Dispensers

Everyone knows the important role that handwashing plays in helping prevent the spread of disease. If you did not know it before the COVID-19 pandemic, health authorities have stressed its importance for the last year. Manual soap dispensers provide additional touchpoints and can increase the likelihood of cross-contamination.

Flick provides non-touch soap dispensers for liquid soap and foam soap. The soap dispenser has a sensor that dispenses the soap when in the proximity of a person’s hand. Refilling them is easy; we offer soap refills to suit your needs, whether you want cartridges or to do bulk dispensing.

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Our soap dispensers can also dispense liquid hand sanitisers. Many businesses choose to install these devices in bathrooms and at entry and exit points, or by elevators or other high-touch surfaces.
We also offer other hand sanitising options, such as our Autosanitiser Spray Station. These units can be freestanding or wall-mounted. They can be set to provide between one and three doses of an antibacterial spray. These sprays are available in alcohol-based or alcohol-free options. These stands are great at entry and exit points but can also be used in places where access to soap and water is limited.

Premium Hand Towel Services

There has been much disagreement about the most hygienic hand drying solution for offices and other workspaces. Many people prefer paper towels, but they create waste, and the opportunity for litter, so many places have gone to hand dryers. However, with fears that dryers could spread disease, towels have once again become popular. Most offices looking for a non-touch solution choose our auto towel paper towel dispenser.

Preventing all cross contamination may be impossible. However, non-touch solutions have proven to be incredibly effective at reducing washroom cross contamination. Let Flick show you how our affordable solutions can offer a passive way of improving the cleanliness of your workplace. Give Flick a call today at+ 1300 270 019

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