Although mice can breed any time of year, if you have ever thought that mice multiply more rapidly in the springtime, you are not wrong. Spring offers perfect conditions for mice and other rodents to breed, leading to a population explosion each season. This population explosion is not just a seasonal problem. The more mice breed in the springtime, the more reproductive-age mice that are around to breed the rest of the year.

Rodent Control – Prevention with SMART Pest Control

The best way to get rid of a mouse infestation is to prevent it before it becomes a major problem. Our SMART system is designed to help you do that. SMART is a combination of sensors and traps. It allows us to monitor your premises remotely 24/7, so that we are aware of mice and other pests as soon as they appear.

How SMART Rodent Control Works

We start by placing traps in places that our experience in pest control tells us they are likely to appear. However, with our constant monitoring, we are able to see if pests are following expected patterns. If not, we can move the traps to areas where the mice are. This means getting mice before they can begin to nest and breed, helping stop the cycle that leads to infestation.

Our traps are safe to use in your business. Instead of using poisons that can contaminate your premises, we use local food source bait to attract rodents to our contained chambers. The process is worry-free for you. We monitor the traps remotely, so we can come out to remove the exterminated animals. We also handle moving the traps around the business. Once the initial installation is done, reliable pest control just becomes part of your regular routine.

Now is the time to prevent rodents in your business with SMART Pest Control

You may think you can let your guard down once spring is over. However, while the spring baby boom is real, it is just the beginning of the breeding season. A female mouse gives birth about 3 weeks after conception. Each litter has 10 to 12 babies or more. Mice can conceive immediately after giving birth, so they can have litters about once a month. Baby mice leave the nest at about 3 weeks and are ready to reproduce shortly thereafter. A single mother mouse can have around 100 babies in the course of a year. Add in the babies had by her babies, and their babies, etc., and it could mean thousands of mice in a very short time.

Protect your business with SMART Pest Control. We help stop infestations before they can start. We are your eyes and ears, seeing signs of infestation before you notice them. We are safe, discrete, and a great choice for businesses. You concentrate on your business and let us concentrate on ours: pest control. Contact us today!

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