Have you found Spiders? Ants? Bed Bugs? Cockroaches? Mice? Rats? Yuck! No one wants to find those in their house! Undoubtedly you want them gone! But who do you call? You need a pest controller who is fast, someone who will get the job done, someone who is local. You’ve gone and searched Google for “pest control near me”, but there are so many to choose from! How to do you choose?

Check accreditation. The first thing you want to see if their licensed and trained. All of Flick’s technicians are certified and receive ongoing training to make sure they are up to date and the best and safest methods.

Look for customer centred service. You want a company that places the customer first. A good company will seek out information about the problem, they type of house, how many sightings etc. You can expect a good pest controller to be thorough and informative.

Someone Local. Australians love local, and this is why we have so many branches, so that we can be local to as many Australians as possible. Someone local will know the lay of the land and be able to provide more tailored and region specific techniques to combat local pests.

Customised solutions. Flick offers pest control warranties, service plans and more to give you exactly what you need for your pest control problem.

Flick is the pest control near you that will work for you! Ready to give us a ring? Search no more, call us on 1300 270 019 today to discuss how we can help protect your home from pests! Or click here to find your closest branch!

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