If you have a winery, pest control is probably one of your top concerns. Vineyards can attract various pests that come to feast on the grapes, but the problems do not stop in the fields. Rodents may try to get into places where you process, bottle, store, or sell wine. If you have an on-site tasting room or dining facility, pests may lurk there as well.

Traditional pest control can be harmful to humans

The logical solution is to get pest control. However, many winery operators are quite reasonably worried about using basic pest control methods. They do not want to use poisons that could contaminate their crops. For organic wineries, avoiding chemicals is even more important.

New Wave of Digital Pest Control

Fortunately, Flick has you covered. Our SMART digital pest control system is designed to provide effective, non-toxic pest control that is worry-free for you. We remotely monitor the systems 24/7 to get real-time snapshots of your pest problems. Reviewing the data gives us insight into potential pest problems so that we can provide responsive solutions. The result? We eradicate pests before they can become infestations, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Our SMART system uses rodents’ instincts against them. Rodents are naturally wary of unusual foods. We use local food sources and non-toxic attractants to get rodents into our multi-catch units. Once they are inside, we euthanise them in a humane manner. The system is more effective and precise than poisons, which rodents may avoid or survive. It also eliminates the risk of cross-contamination by poisons. That way, you can prevent a rodent problem, while still knowing that your vineyards, processing facilities, bottling facilities, and any storage and sales areas are free from pests.

Protect those grapes from Pests!

Ready to get started? Give us a call. The process begins with a site analysis. We come and evaluate your winery to determine whether you have an existing rodent problem, the size of that problem and the steps we should take to eliminate it. Then, we install a system aimed at your current problem. Through 24/7 surveillance and regular maintenance, we are able to continually optimise your system to provide the most effective pest control. Flick can also inspect your winery for other pests and include suggestions or a plan to eradicate them. In addition to rodent control, we offer insect and bird control solutions, which can be important in agricultural or food storage environments.

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