What do Freshly Brewed Peruvian Single origin coffee, Washrooms, and Pest Control have in common?

The answer is? Hot Water! Specifically, steam!

Wait a moment you say; Single Origin Peruvian coffee shouldn’t be boiling hot. You’ll burn the roast! True, true, so maybe our title should’ve been what do Washrooms, Pest control and cappuccinos have in common.

So how do we use steam here at Flick?

We have two main applications for steam. The first is in washroom. One of the best ways to clean urinals is with high pressure steam. Firstly, it breaks down dirt and grime like nothing else, including breaking up and washing away uric acid and other dirt that builds up and causes bathrooms to smell funky. Secondly, the high heat adds a sterilising factor, neutralising germs that thrive in damp washroom environments. In fact, regular steam cleaning of washrooms will go a long way to prevent that dreaded bathroom smell become a problem.


How we use in Pest Control is a little more surprising. With phasing out of DET based pesticides over the past 50 years, we have seen a strong return from pest species like bed bugs, who have evolved a resistance to chemical sprays. This means we need a variety of techniques to manage the problem. Enter the heat treatment. Research has shown that bed bugs are extremely sensitive to heat. Temperatures of between 40 to 56 degrees are lethal to bed bugs, so high temperature steam deals with bed bugs like a hot knife through, well bed bugs. Heat treatments are not always needed depending on the kind of infestation faced, but it is another card up our sleeves in the war against pests.

It’s worth noting that the regular store bought steamers aren’t effective at killing bed bugs, you need professinal equipment and professional training to confidently remove bed bugs.


Have you got a washroom that needs a good steam cleaning or bed bugs that are biting in the night? Call us at Flick on 1300 270 019 to have a chat at how our service can reduce the heat of pests and germs in your life!

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