Professional exterminators hear lots of bug jokes. Some make us laugh, some cannot be reprinted in a family-friendly blog, some are gross, and some just makes us groan. We’ve pulled together 10 of our favourite family-friendly bug jokes for those of you who like to laugh at the little things in life.

1. Q: Where do bugs get off the train?
A: At the infestation.

2. Q: What do you call a rabbit with fleas?
A: Bugs Bunny

3. People who cannot distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

4. My friend and I opened a gym for ants. He thinks the business is failing and wants to quit, but I refused and told him, “no way; we’re still working out the bugs!”

5. Q: Why are frogs always so happy?
A: They eat whatever is bugging them.

6. Q: What do you call a bug that hesitates before biting something?
A: A nervous tick.

7. A little boy and his dad are sitting at the dinner table when the little boy asks his dad, “Dad, are bugs good to eat?” The dad responds, “Son, we’re at the dinner table. We don’t talk about things like that at dinner.” The son says, “but Dad,” only to have the father interrupt him and remind him that bugs are not appropriate dinner conversation. Later that evening, after they have finished their meal, the dad asks, “Why were you asking about eating bugs at dinner? What do you need to know?” The son replies, “I don’t need to know anything, anymore. There was a bug in your soup, but you ate it.”

8. Q: What kind of bugs smell the best?
A: Deodorants.

9. Q: How do bees brush their hair?
A: With a honeycomb.

10. Q: What do butterflies study in school?
A: Mothematics.

**Bonus rodent joke***

Q: What will a rat or a mouse never tell you?
A: A squeakret.

Of course, if you are dealing with insects, rodents, or other pests in your home or business, you may not think of bugs as a laughing matter. All kidding aside, we can help you tackle your pest problem, whether it is a serious infestation or just a little one. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection and an estimate for a personalized pest control solution for your home or business.

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