Spring is here and along with the bus loads of pollen it’s also the start of the warmer weather. This signals many of the dormant pests to wake up and leave their burrows and swarm homes everywhere!  Thus now is the time to ensure your residence is pest proof before all manner of insects start to swarm your home. Here’s 7 tips to protecting your home from pests this spring!


1 .Clear away built up cobwebs.

Go around the house and remove any built up cobwebs. Be sure to wear gloves and use a tool like the cobweb brush so that you don’t accidentally get bitten by spiders hanging around.

A spiderweb

Old cobwebs make attractive homes for new pests.

2. Seal up any cracks or holes!

Do a thorough check for any cracks or holes in walls, floors or skirting, paying particular attention to where pipes and wires enter or exit the house. If you find any gaps, fill them! This will prevent any nasties getting in!

A crack in a white wall

Cracks in the wall present an enticing entry point to your home.

3. Get a door sweep!

The space underneath your doors is oft overlooked when considering how pests get in, however a door sweep will deny pests entering through this access.

A man check a door sweep

If you have a door sweep, be sure to check if there’s any gaps underneath it!

4. Be vigilant about cleaning food scraps!

Typically pests enter your home because they’re attracted to one of two things: sources of food and sources of water. Eliminating access to these significantly deters pest from entering your home. Insects like cockroaches can subsist on very little, so it’s important to clean up any and all food scraps.

Pet food spilled on the floor

Pet food is just as enticing as human food to pests! Don’t forget to keep it tidy as well!

5. Check for damp.

Pests such as termites are attracted to damp and humid areas, so removing these is a great way to deter pests from entering your home. Check for any areas that might be damp and humid and see if there’s a leak nearby. If the area is naturally humid, try using a dehumidifier or damp rid to dry out the area.

A Damp wall

Termites in particular need the damp and humid conditions to live, so by removing the damp, you make it much harder for them to survive.

6. Clean gutters!

Built up vegetation not only causes blockages, but makes excellent homes for pests. Mosquito’s for example need only a cap full of water to breed making stagnant water in gutter the perfect place to raise their young.

A gutter filled with leaves

7. Get a pest controller!

There’s no better way to manage pests than by getting a professional in to treat your home for pests. Flick is here to help! We provide professional, safe and affordable treatment plans to ensure your home is pest free! Call us on 1300 270 019 today!A flick man inspects a kitchen

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