Every day there is a new study uncovering the traps and pitfalls of washrooms. We’re here to clarify the abundance of information. Flick Anticimex has debunked four common washroom myths below.

Is toilet water as clean as tap water?


The water in your toilet is the same water from the tap. So before use, toilet water IS just as clean as tap water.

Of course, the water is contaminated once used and after doing your business, flushing will activate the water to spray upwards, becoming airborne. This spray contains contagious bacteria that can land on neighbouring surfaces, like toothbrushes. We recommend flushing with the toilet lid closed, and never flushing while still sitting on the toilet.

Can I get an infection by sitting on a toilet seat?


The chances of cross-contamination happening on a toilet seat are very slim. Unless there are open wounds wherever your skin touches the toilet seat, infections can’t spread. However, we understand that some people need that peace of mind when sitting on public toilet seats. Toilet seat sanitiser sprays can help with this without the need for excessive toilet paper use!

Restrooms that smell fresh are clean.


Pleasant odours can be misleading. Many air fresheners only mask the bad smell of a washroom. Bacteria and uric acid buildup and harmful germ harbourage can still exist despite the fresh smell of the washroom. To ensure optimal hygiene, we recommend the use of a well-rounded washroom hygiene maintenance system involving air fresheners, deep-clean bacterial treatments and more!

Does the air from hand dryers spread germs?


A study into the cleanliness of the area beneath hand dryers has proven that there’s no increase of harmful bacteria. Although paper towels are a sure way to completely dry hands, the air jets in hand dryers are not guilty of spreading harmful bacteria.

However, manual hand dryers are a major harbourage of harmful bacteria. To minimise the spread of germs, no-touch hand dryers are your best option.

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