At Flick we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality pest control services. However, you have the power to make our services even better. By taking some steps before we come for a spider control treatment, you can make the most out of the pest control. Working together, we can get you the best results, keeping your home free from annoying and potentially dangerous pests.

There are three main reasons to prepare your pest control service. The first reason is to make the most out of the pest control treatments. With a little work ahead of time, you can greatly increase the likelihood that all pests will be eradicated. The other reason is to protect your home and your possessions. While pest control services are safe for your home, make sure your technicians know about any pets, plants, or vulnerable possessions. We may have specific instructions for you to follow to keep your things safe. The third reason is to make things safe for our technicians. If our technicians cannot move freely and safely through your property, they may not be able to complete a treatment.

  1. Communicate with your pest control company. Let us know if you have any young people, pets, people with allergies, pregnant people, or any other condition that could make something high risk. We will let you know if there are special steps to follow.
  2. Put away food sources. If you have pests in your home, they are finding food and water somewhere. Even if we eradicate them, if you have available food supplies, they are going to try to come back. Spend time placing food in secured containers. Also check for water leaks and fix them.
  3. Move heavy furniture, including movable appliances, away from walls. Our technicians will apply products to places they can access but may be unable to move furniture or other heavy items to get to them. Make their job easier, faster, and more thorough by moving heavy items.
  4. Vacuum carpets. Most insects lay eggs, and many of them lay eggs in your carpets. While spiders are unlikely to lay eggs in your carpets, the bugs that they feed on may do so. Reduce their food sources by vacuuming your carpets.
  5. Mop floors. For the same reasons that you want to vacuum your carpets, you want to mop your floors. Mopping your floors helps remove webbing, pests, and eggs.
  6. Tell us about any other pests. Spiders are a secondary pest. What that means is that if you have a spider problem, you probably have a problem with insects, as well. If you see other insects in your home, let us know what you see so that we can target them.

Taking the extra time to get your home ready for a spider treatment is well worth it. It makes our job easier, but it also increases the likelihood that we can get rid of your spider problem in one visit.

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