We think of springtime as that time of year where everything starts to bloom. In addition to the grass getting greener and the flowers starting to bloom, spring is also when we start to see more pests.

Get a pest inspection and preventive pest control in the spring.

Many pests are dormant during the winter months but become active again in the spring. Even pests that are a year-round problem may be more hidden in the winter, and only become obvious in the springtime.

What are the most common pests in the spring?

Flies are one of the more annoying spring pests. While they can spread disease, flies are a pest many people think of as a nuisance. They come around and can make outside time unpleasant, right at the time of year when so many of us want to go outside. Fortunately, Flick has plenty of pest control solutions that not only help us tackle indoor pests, but also reduce your outdoor pest problem.

Cockroaches are another pest that we see in springtime. Ironically, if you are seeing spring cockroaches, you probably had cockroaches in the winter. During colder months, cockroaches, especially outdoor cockroaches, hide in dark, warm spaces. In the spring, they begin to reemerge. You may notice a cockroach problem in the spring. Be very vigilant. For every cockroach you see, dozens more may be in hiding.

Just like cockroaches, many types of spiders get less active in the winter. That makes sense, because they frequently prey on insects that reduce their own winter activities. If you are seeing more and more spiders in the springtime, you could have a spider problem. You may also have other types of pests, since spiders tend to live where they can find their prey.

Have you ever noticed that ants are more active in warmer weather? It is not just your imagination. Ants do tend to surface from their nests in warmer weather. They also come out when it rains. Warmer weather can also encourage them to create larger nests and to hunt for food sources. So, if you are noticing ants marching into your home to look for food or making a nuisance of themselves in your yard, we can help.

Finally, we have the most common of the spring pests- termites. While termites are one of the few pests who are as active in winter as they are during the rest of the year, they become more noticeable in springtime, especially during swarm season. Termite swarms are one way to see if there are termites leaving or trying to enter your building.

While pests may be a spring problem, they do not have to be your problem. Spring into action and book your annual pest inspection, today!

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