Whether your workplace is an office, a warehouse, or somewhere in between, workplace hygiene is critically important to keeping people in your workplace healthy and free from disease. While the current COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that even great hygiene may not be enough to completely stop the spread of disease, it has also reaffirmed the important role that workplace hygiene plays in helping slow the spread of disease. This not only keeps your workplace safer for your employees and customers but can help contribute to a healthier community, in general.

Flick has several solutions that can not only keep your workplace more hygienic but do so in a manner that makes hygiene easier for employees and visitors to your workplace. From items and services aimed at improving basic hygiene to goods and services specifically targeting bacteria and viruses, we have what you need to increase peace of mind.

Where Hygiene in the Workplace Begins

Many people think of washrooms when they think of workplace hygiene. While washroom hygiene is essential and washrooms are spots at high risk for cross-contamination, they are not the only high-risk workplace areas. Other areas at high risk for cross-contamination include doors, light fixtures, change rooms, and kitchens.

One of the best things you can do to improve workplace hygiene is to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination. To do that, you may want to explore our range of touch-free products that can dispense hygiene products like soap, sanitiser, and paper towels without having to touch them.

Another important component of hygiene is ensuring that waste disposal is handled in a timely and sanitary manner. Flick offers many different products that can make your waste disposal process run more efficiently.

We offer waste bins that are specifically designed to reduce the amount of waste. They have liners that are biodegradable and designed specifically for our system. This discourages the accumulation of paper towels on the ground that are sometimes found in workplace washrooms or kitchens.

Our nappy disposal system is a must-have for businesses handling customers with babies or that are focused on childcare. Our units are designed to keep odours inside and inhibit the growth of bacteria. When we remove our units, they are sanitised and cleaned before being placed back into businesses. Regular cleaning is also part of our on-site maintenance.

Sanitary units are another important component of washroom hygiene. We have units designed to fit in commercial spaces, providing a discrete and hygienic way to dispose of sanitary products.

Whatever your workplace washroom & hygiene needs, Flick can help you meet them. Contact us today for a plan tailored to your workplace or give us a call at+ 1300 270 019 if you have any questions!

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