Termites and ants are both notorious pests that can cause damage in your home. Moreover, because they both swarm during mating season and are similar looking, many people confuse the two animals. However, because their living, breeding, and eating habits are different, there are different approaches to preventing and eradicating these pests, making it important to differentiate between the two.


Termites are small ant-sized bugs. They may have four equal-sized wings, though termite wings are notoriously fragile and often fall off after a termite swarm. Termites have rectangular bodies with a waist, straight bead-like antennae, and are also light in colour.

Termite behaviour also sets them apart from ants. Termites swarm in the warmer months but are otherwise not usually visible around your home or yard. They are attracted to wood and moisture, and most varieties of termites eat the cellulose inside of wood.


Everyone has seen an ant, so you know that they are small-sized bugs. If they have wings, the wings are not equal-sized. Instead, the front wings are larger than the back wings. Ants also have a very distinct waist, and their antennae are segmented and bent (elbowed). Ants are usually darker in colour, though there is some variety in ant colours.

Ant behaviour is also different from termite behaviour. Most importantly, ants, even those that destroy other substances, feed off of sugars and proteins. They are attracted to moisture, wood, and sweets. If you have an ant problem, you may see evidence of ants inside your home.

Carpenter Ants

Because carpenter ants and termites share many characteristics, many people find it difficult to differentiate between these two insects. However, carpenter ants have distinctly ant-shaped bodies.

You may also be able to differentiate between them by looking at the damage they have done. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood, so they push it out into little piles of shavings below the wood holes. Carpenter ants seek out unhealthy or moist wood, while termites will eat any type of wood. Carpenter ant tunnels are also smooth, while termite galleries are filled with soil and mud, giving them a ragged appearance. Termites also build mud tubes, while carpenter ants do not.

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