People think about spring cleaning as the winter comes to an end. While not technically a part of spring cleaning, many people also take the opportunity to work on strategies for keeping things cleaner. That is why many people want to update to touch free washrooms in the spring.

Touch free washrooms are a great strategy to help keep public spaces cleaner.

Touch free washrooms are great for commercial environments, but also have other applications. Schools, churches, and recreational facilities can all stay cleaner and help slow the spread of disease by adding touchless restrooms this spring.

Top reasons to keep your facilities clean.

First, a clean washroom inspires confidence in your visitors this spring. No one wants to frequent an establishment with dirty washrooms. It also helps ensure that your visitors have access to things they need, such as toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels.

The other major reason is to improve hygiene and prevent the spread of disease. In the last few years, we have all become aware of how important it is to prevent the spread of disease on high-touch surfaces. The traditional washroom is full of these high-touch surfaces. From toilet flushers to faucets and doors, there is a good chance that every surface in the washroom is covered in germs.

How introducing a touchless washroom can greatly help reduce the spread of disease.

Instead of exposure to bacteria through routine use of faucets, paper towel dispensers, or toilets, people can safely use them without risking bacteria exposure. The fewer opportunities for cross-contamination, the safer you are.

Plus, when you reduce the possibilities of cross contamination, you get greater compliance with handwashing safety. Many people skip handwashing because they believe that touching faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers is a greater risk to their health than skipping handwashing is. The easier you make it for people to wash their hands, the greater compliance you will get. The same thing happens in the toilet. People go to ridiculous lengths to reduce exposure to germs in the toilet, including things like flushing the toilet with their feet. Of course, this only introduces more germs for later users. A touch free environment helps solve those problems.

How to install a touch free washroom

One of the bigger concerns people have is that going touch free will be prohibitively expensive. You may think you will have to completely replace your washroom items. Fortunately, many touch free solutions can be retrofitted. That means that you can use current hardware to support the touch free system. It is a much more affordable solution than replacing everything in the washroom. Call us today to get started on the quote process.

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