If you have a business, then you probably already know that rodents can be a potentially serious problem. The sight of a rodent in a business can scare off potential customers and even result in a business being shut down. However, you are also probably aware that there are tons of rodents in commercial areas. Even businesses that are extremely clean and very conscientious about rodent prevention in their facilities, may experience problems with rodents in or near commercial dumpsters, especially if your business is a food-related business or shares common spaces with food-related businesses.

Normally, this is not a problem for the vigilant business owner. Regular rodent inspections and taking infestation prevention steps can usually keep a business rodent-free, as long as a business is ready to respond at the first sign of possible rodents. However, the world is experiencing a pandemic that has dramatically and quickly changed how humans behave. It has also changed how human-dependent pests, like rodents, behave. While it is unknown whether rodents can transmit COVID-19, they are known vectors for disease and may directly or indirectly transmit salmonellosis, black plague, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, bubonic plague, typhus, and hantavirus to humans.

The seen population of rodents in the streets of CBD areas has nearly doubled since the start of the year. These rodents, who have lived in hidden colonies, dependent upon food waste from the restaurants that line the street, have found themselves starving as the restaurants have closed for business. This has led to dramatic changes in their behaviours, as once-hidden animals that lived outside and fed from dumpsters have come out of their colonies and into the light to hunt for food. This change in behaviour could mean that your business is vulnerable, and not to the minor pest infestation problems that businesses may have previously anticipated.

Right now, there are so many unknowns in the world. One of the steps you can take to keep your business, your employees, and your customers safe is by ensuring that your business is rodents-free. Flick Pest Control’s SMART system provides comprehensive rodent detection that has 24/7 monitoring, helps find rodents in the blind spots, and has a safer electric extermination system. Contact Flick Pest Control today so that we can help you to protect your business.

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