It is always easier to keep pests out of your home than to get rid of them once they have invaded. In autumn, pests are preparing for winter. They are continually hunting for a place where they can be warm, store food, find food and water, and keep themselves safe. You can do plenty of things to make sure that pests know that your house is not open for business!

Check your exterior.

Look for entry points around the exterior of your home. Even big autumn pests like rats and mice can get through surprisingly small entry points, so you are looking for entry points as small or smaller than a pencil eraser. Seal any chinks between bricks or wood, fix your weather stripping around windows and doors, and make sure there are no gaps around entry points for pipes or wires.

Keep the outside on the outside.

With autumn comes lovely autumn weather. If you are the kind of person who will want to open up your doors and windows to enjoy cooler autumn temperatures, prepare ahead. Install screens on any windows that do not have them and repair any ripped or torn screens. If you like open doors, add screen doors for the same feel, but with added pest protection.

Decrease the damp.

Many varieties of pest love damp, moist, dark spaces. Check your storage areas and garage for damp areas and take steps to remove any dampness. This can mean fixing leaks but may also mean using products designed to remove moisture from enclosed spaces.

Do the dishes.

Your mum was right; a clean kitchen is better. It is not just about aesthetics; pests are attracted to food residue on dishes, and when you leave them unattended for long periods of time, especially overnight, you are basically hosting a pest buffet.

Store food smartly.

Pests need to eat and drink. Almost all of them are attracted to sugary or starchy foods, which are easily converted to energy. Ensure that all foods, including pet foods, are sealed securely when stored, and clean up any spilled food immediately.

Consider Flick Constant Home Protection.

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