As the seasons change, so do your pest control needs. Colder weather means that pests move indoors, seeking warmth, food, and water. However, colder weather can also mean a break from some outdoor pests like mosquitoes and bees. Tailoring your pest control to the seasons helps keep your home pest-free and your pest-control affordable. That is why Flick keeps seasonal changes in mind when inspecting your property, creating a personalized pest-control plan for your home, or implementing a pest-control strategy.


Just like people, rodents want to spend their winters in warm and cozy spots. As soon as temperatures start to fall, they start looking for ways to change their summer homes for warmer winter homes. Usually, that means trying to find a way into your home. Any good pest control strategy looks at exclusion, which means tightening up your defenses to make it more difficult for rodents to enter your home. It also incorporates early detection, because a single mouse in the house is a nuisance, but an infestation is a nightmare.


Truly a year-round pest, cockroaches remain active through the winter. Like other pests, they search out warmer temperatures by coming into your home. However, while some insects may day down in the winter, cockroaches earn their indestructible reputation by being able to survive even harsh winter conditions. No worries, though; we can help you get rid of them.

Bed Bugs

While most bugs become less active in the winter, the opposite is true for bed bugs. Like other pests, they move indoors when the weather gets cold. Plus, they are more likely to spread in the winter. A bed bug infestation does not create the same type of health hazard as many pest infestations, but it can be very uncomfortable. Let us help you prevent them from ever calling your house their home!


Like rodents, spiders seek out warm temperatures. While they can spend the winter outside in underground burrows or in warm spots like leaf piles, your home offers a more comfortable environment. Flick can provide indoor and outdoor pest control services to help you avoid any nasty spider surprises this winter.


Many people think of termites as a spring and summer pest. That is because springtime termite swarms make these destructive pests visible. However, termites are active year-round. Just because you are not seeing swarms does not mean that termites have gone away. If you see termites do not disturb them and contact Flick, the pest control experts.

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