With the recent wet weather and the promote return of our beautiful warm summer, there will no doubt be termite activity around your home. These destructive pests run at full capacity during the summer months. The spike in termite destruction in summer is due to the cooler months slowing activity, which is reignited as the weather warms back up.

Are you and your home prepared for termites?

If you are unsure here is our top tips to prepare your home coming into termite swarming season:

  • Termites are attracted to food and water. Ensure air con outlets are connected into down pipes. Hot water overflow should also be connected to drainage.
  • Make sure down pipes on your home are not blocked or cracked to prevent excess water releasing against walls of house.
  • Keep garden beds to an absolute minimum against the walls of your house. Ensure no finishes around your home are covering your existing termite systems. If they are, and cannot be rectified, have a licensed termite specialist visit your home to consult.
  • Complete your regular termite inspection to validate your warranty on your current termite management systems. If no termite system installed to your home, again consult a termite controller for their advice on suitable termite protection for your home.
  • If you see termites DO NOT disturb them, call the professionals immediately on 1300 270 019.

Flick have a range of affordable Termite Management Subscription Plans, to keep your home protected against termites 365 days a year. Find out more here or call 1300 270 019.

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