SMART Digital Pest Control is challenging the long-standing methods of basic pest control; implementing data instead of poison to fight pests.

Basic Pest Control

Basic pest control relies on monthly or quarterly scheduled visits to check traps and baiting stations. While this technique has been used for decades it has always left technicians with little information to adequately fight pests, as the level of pest activity could never be confirmed.

The basic pest control method also heavily relied on business owners noticing activity, usually after costly damage, such as ruined stock and droppings. This is a time-consuming distraction for business owners when there are other tasks that also demand their attention.

SMART Digital Pest Control

SMART Digital Pest Control is a 24/7 monitoring system that monitors for pests and alerts technicians when pests are detected. The SMART system provides a constant stream of data to identify where and when pests are active, which enables technicians to implement pest control solutions before an infestation becomes a costly problem for business owners.

SMART also gives business owners peace of mind knowing that their premises is being monitored for pests so that they can focus on more important tasks.

The below graph illustrates how SMART is saving business owners time, money, and their reputation by 24/7 peace of mind monitoring.

Basic Pest Control vs SMART Digital Pest Control

Sustainable Pest Control

SMART Digital Pest Control is a sustainable, non-toxic pest control solution. SMART is pesticide-free, using data and electricity instead of poison to track and eliminate rodents. Non-toxic pest control is the safe pest control solution, as it eliminates secondary poisoning of other animals and humans.

SMART in Action

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