One of the top concerns we hear from clients is that getting pest control services will put their family in danger. People worry that insecticides will harm them, their children, and even their pets. These worries are reasonable. Decades ago, pesticides were often over-concentrated, which could lead to incidental poisoning of pets and even children. Even today, some places use pesticides that could potentially harm or even kill pets or children if ingested.

Fortunately, Flick offers total pest control without the risk to your family or your pets.

Today’s pesticides are designed to target pests, while minimizing the risk to pets and people. Part of that is the result of formula changes in which chemicals we use. Part of that is in application methods. For example, we may advise you to keep pets and people off of the yard for a certain time after applying pesticides.

In fact, not only is pest control safe for your family, but it is also one of the ways you can keep your family safe. Pests in your home and yard put your family and pets at risk. Pests carry a number of different diseases, which can have negative health consequences for you and your furry friends. From the discomfort of flea bites to potentially deadly diseases spread by mosquitoes, pests carry diseases that put you at risk. In addition, pests carry allergens that can make life miserable for allergy sufferers. Eliminating pests from your home is one way you can protect your family.

Of course, if you have any concerns about pest control, we suggest you talk to your Flick pest control expert. Do you have any specific concerns? For example, do you have pets in the home that you feel may be particularly vulnerable to pesticides? Do any family members have health conditions that may increase their vulnerability? If so, our technicians can work with you to optimize a pest control plan that eliminates pests while still protecting the safety of your household.

We are happy to share chemical ingredient information and safe handling information with you. We encourage you to discuss them with your doctors or veterinarians if you have any health questions.

We will also make sure you understand the application guidelines before using any chemicals in your yard or home. We will tell you whether you need to avoid the area and, if so, how long to stay away. At Flick, we are committed to eliminating pests and protecting your family and pets.

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