Every year termites cause millions of dollars of damage. 1 in 3 Australian properties will suffer from termites, causing greater damage than fire, floods and storms combined. Additionally, the presence of bed bugs can severely damage your business’s reputation, breach health legislation and cause discomfort to your customers. Combined, a termite and bed bug attack can be a costly and damaging event.

Termites and bed bugs often hide out of sight, in hard-to-reach places. K9 detection is an effective solution for locating pests. Flick offers professional K9 detection services for termites and bed bugs. If pests are detected on your property, we can provide you with a tailored solution.

Flick K9 Services
Working alongside our expert technicians, the K9 services unit is trained to find the scent of termites and bed bugs in residential and commercial properties. This is an extremely cost-effective and proactive approach in bed bug and termite detection, inspection and treatment.

Due to their size and ability, our K9 unit can access hard-to-reach areas for accurate and fast termite and bed bug detection. The scent of termites and bed bugs can be smelt by our K9’s through carpet, bedding, skirting, timber floors, dry wall, and other building materials.

Ensure your property is a pest-free, safe and healthy environment, book a K9 detection inspection today.

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