More dangerous than meets the eye!

Even if you love everything else about summer, you probably dread the start of mosquito season, just like everybody else. Mosquito bites are itchy, annoying, and can be painful, but their real risk is that mosquito bites can transmit disease. Mosquito bites are not simply a historic killer but are actually of the most dangerous vectors for the disease of all time. Currently, mosquitos still kill over 1 million humans worldwide every year. Over the course of human history, mosquitos have killed billions and have even led to changes in human DNA. For such a small bug, they can cause big problems.

They just won’t go away!

It is hard to keep mozzies out of your yard. That is because, while you can effectively eliminate mosquito breeding grounds on your own property and even use one of several different systems to greatly reduce the number of mosquitos in your yard, they are flying pests. If you live near bushland or wetlands or have a neighbour with a yard that is a prime mosquito habitat, you will probably experience at least the occasional mosquito. That is why wearing an effective mosquito repellent on any exposed skin is suggested whenever you will be enjoying the outdoors. Of course, a commercial repellent system that regularly releases insecticides, especially at high-traffic times for mosquitos can greatly reduce the mosquito population in your area.

For many people, the go-to way to avoid mosquito bites is to stay inside, especially at dawn and dusk. However, this is only effective if you keep mosquitos out of the house. They will just as happily breed in damp areas in your home as they will in damp areas out of your home, so you want to make sure to keep them from invading.
The first step to mosquito exclusion is exclusion. Keep your doors and windows shut unless you have screens on them. These screens need to be sufficiently finely meshed to keep out adult mosquitos and they need to be free of any rips, holes, or tears.

Of course, if mosquitos are already in your home, the doors, windows, and screens are going to keep them inside. For a mosquito or two, you can easily track them down and kill them. However, if you notice a small mosquito infestation, it may be your warning sign of a potentially serious issue. You can fumigate using specific mosquito-targeting pesticides, though you want to make sure you use a product that is safe to use inside.

Whether you need help with indoor or outdoor mozzie control, Flick Pest Control can provide you with an easy, affordable solutions to keep you bite-free this summer!

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