Learning the new normal

As COVID-19 restrictions start to ease around Australia, business owners are eager to eager to get back to work. However, its far from business as usual, bringing people back is not a simple as flicking a switch. Careful consideration needs to occur to prepare for the reopen any kind of business, despite the difference all business face the same challenges. Taking precautions to protect their employees and clients is a critical component.

One of the most important steps for returning to business is to make sure that your business is hygiene vigilant. Protect your employees and business premises with integrated hygiene services such as touch-free soap-dispensing, hand-drying stations in your washrooms, kitchens or wherever you need in your workplace. We can also install hand sanitising stations throughout your office, particularly near high-touch areas such as light switches, doorknobs, printing stations and by elevator button panels. Additionally, we also offer a range of disinfection products that will thoroughly sanitise all of the surfaces in your business, providing a clean slate for your employees’ return.

It’s essential to implement safety measures and adopting additional workplace hygiene practices to keep your workplace safe for your employees and your clients.

Flick has a variety of no-touch solutions!

Our range of non-touch Washroom and Hygiene solutions can help reduce the risk and spread of viruses and bacteria. Returning to your workplace after the Covid-19 shutdown does not have to be frightening; contact us to help to get your office ready.

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