As many rain-weary Australians know, for the past two years the La Niña weather system has been causing the wettest conditions on record, particularly on the East Coast. It has also created the perfect conditions for termite infestations, putting Aussie homes at further risk.

Will This Be the Biggest Year for Termites on Record?

Termites love moist conditions. So, with consistent rain for the past two years, they’re thriving.

Many homes are requiring intervention and active treatments to deal with infestations that have taken hold, rather than preventative measures.

Professor Dieter Hochuli, who leads the Integrative Ecology Group at the University of Sydney, told the ABC that “it’s going to be a massive year for termites as the high levels of soil moisture are ideal for them to burrow and flourish.”

“Termites are particularly sensitive when it comes to drying out so having an extremely moist environment has been very beneficial for them.”

Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover Termite Damage

Termites can be debilitating to homes, as they munch through timber structures 24/7 and can cause severe and costly damage. The Subterranean Termite is the most destructive; it can burrow tunnels of up to 100m and they can even cause homes to collapse.

Not all homeowners are aware that termite damage is not covered by the majority of home insurance policies.

Key signs of an infestation include mud trails leading up the sides of buildings, pieces of dried mud in the joins or doors or windows, damp stains or blistering on skirting boards or sagging floorboards. Or you may hear the faint sound of tapping if you listen closely!

Stop Termites Before They Cause Costly Damage

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