The recent floods and pooling waters from the recent heavy rainfalls are providing ideal conditions for mosquito breeding. This can cause an increase of a potential mosquito outbreak and mosquito-borne diseases such as the Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV) which spreads by infected mosquitos, posing a serious health risk.

What is Japanese Encephalitis Virus?

Japanese Encephalitis, like Ross River Virus and Murray Valley Encephalitis are all diseases found in Australia. They are spread to humans by mosquito bites.

Less than one percent of people infected with Japanese Encephalitis will develop symptoms. Symptoms range from a fever and headaches to disorientation, tremors, coma and seizures. In rare severe cases, complications can occur in the brain or spine. Some people have unfortunately died of the disease in NSW and Victoria.

Symptoms can develop 5 to 15 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito.

Aussies most at risk are those working or living near piggeries or waterways, as pigs and birds can be infected. You can’t catch the disease from eating or patting these animals, only through mosquitoes biting them and then biting you.

However, there are simple ways to reduce catching this disease.

How to limit catching Japanese Encephalitis Virus and control mosquitoes

You could wear long sleeves and pants with insect repellent to protect your body. But, in hot weather you may want to enjoy your backyard in more comfortable clothing.

Catching Japanese Encephalitis Virus can be reduced by controlling mosquitos around your home. The recent summer rains have created the perfect breeding conditions for mozzies. Mosquitos lay their eggs in puddles, pots or other areas where water has collected. The eggs then hatch into wriggling larvae. By draining the water, the larvae can’t survive. That means less mosquitoes.

Hospitality, retail and other businesses need to be aware of the increase in mozzies, too. Particularly, those near waterways or in rural areas. Mosquitos don’t just carry diseases, they are annoying. Cafes or restaurants near water can lose business if they have mosquitoes interrupting their dining experience. Other businesses can lose customers if their attention is diverted by a buzzing mozzie.

Control mozzies and reduce catching the Virus with a long-term treatment solution

Our experienced Flick technicians can administer a mosquito and midge treatment that targets the adult insects to reduce and control their activity. Due to the larger droplet size, the treatment binds to surfaces quickly and effectively reducing any potential health hazard to your family and pets.

This treatment is extremely effective and can last anywhere up to 3 months. Results will vary depending on environmental, climatic and site conditions. Top-up treatments are recommended, and to protect bees flowering plants are excluded.

This autumn, expect mozzies around your home to increase. If you can’t see them, don’t presume they aren’t there. Mozzies can carry diseases other than Japanese Encephalitis Virus, such as Ross River Virus and Murray Valley Encephalitis. Book a Flick mosquito knockdown treatment today and protect your family from mosquito borne diseases. Call 13 14 40.

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