The Flick Anticimex team are professionally trained in protecting commercial properties from pests.

We design detailed Integrated Pest Management Solution (IPMS) for businesses that are tailored to their industry, business activities and common pests. However, the IPMS is only effective if you and your employees work to reduce the risk of a pest invasion. It’s very easy to accidentally attract pests into the workplace.

Common Commercial Pests

The most common pests in commercial properties include:

  • Birds – generally attracted to businesses in food retail industry
  • Stored product pests – generally attracted to businesses in food manufacturing industry, but also found where dried foods are stored long term.
  • Cockroaches – regardless of industry, cockroaches will find their way onto your business if there is an adequate food source
  • Spiders – regardless of industry spiders will find their way onto your business if there is an adequate food source and shelter
  • Ants – regardless of industry, ants will also find their way into your business if there is an adequate food source
  • Rodents (rats and mice) – generally related to the hospitality industry, but if your business has adequate access to food, water and shelter, you can find a rat/mouse there.

Integrated Workplace Pest Prevention

So, what can you and your employees do to prevent pests in the workplace?

The Employee/s:

  1. Clean up liquid spills (i.e. coffee spills) immediately
  2. Ensure all food stored at desk is sealed in zip lock bags or air tight containers
  3. Thoroughly check cardboard boxes or bags you bring from home
  4. Keep all empty boxes folded away in storage or discarded in recycling
  5. Report to management any leaky pipes, broken cupboard doors, holes in fly screens etc.
  6. Regularly check for stored product pests in workplace kitchen/kitchenette pantry

The Employer/s:

  1. Implement a reliable and effective IPMS to protect your staff and the building from harmful pests
  2. Appoint administrative staff to keep an eye out for pest activity in their zone
  3. Make it simple for employees to access cleaning products, by installing cleaning stations near kitchens/kitchenettes
  4. If on privately owned land, properly equip garbage bins outside of business building
  5. Encourage tidy workspaces
  6. Share basic pest prevention pest information guides with your staff (like the ones on the Flick Anticimex Resources page)

Already a commercial Flick Anticimex customer?

If you’re already a Flick commercial customer, we can provide your staff with pest prevention training and feedback. Based on your business activity, we can create a training session tailored to your business’ vulnerabilities. For more information on our customer staff training sessions, feel free to connect with one of our sales representatives.

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Published: 11-09-2017

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