Worried about how common pests can interfere with your solar roof system or cause damage to your roof by nesting under your solar panels? Nesting pigeons are one of the leading causes of problems related to solar panels. This is because solar panels are elevated from your roof just enough to offer an inviting habit for pigeons.

There are a number of things that we can do to help you Flick away your pigeon problem. If you already have a pigeon problem, we can handle removal by trapping or baiting. The most popular service we offer is using galvanized UV PVC mesh to create a barrier between the panels and your roof, excluding pigeons and other nesting pests from the space, while still allowing the air movement needed to keep your solar panels functioning at optimal levels.

Why is it so important to discourage pigeons from nesting under your solar panels? You probably think that solar panels on roofs are obviously at risk of getting bird poop on them should be designed to continue to function with occasional dirt or debris on them. While that may be true, pigeon waste does not simply wash away; even after heavy rains there may be traces of it left on a rooftop. In addition, because it is acidic, if it sits on the solar panels themselves or on the surface of the roof it can cause damage. This can not only lead to damage to the panels themselves, but also lead to leaks in your roof that can actually reduce the practical life of your roof by half. That is why thoroughly cleaning the roof’s surface before implementing a mesh exclusion system or any other pigeon deterrents is an important part of the process.

Pigeons are compared to rats for many reasons. Like rats, they have adapted to almost any environment where humans live, breed rapidly, and can be difficult to deter or eradicate. However, the bigger similarity is that pigeons can also carry diseases. Pigeon droppings can carry a number of diseases including Psittacosis, Cryptococcosis, and Histoplasmosis. Even if you are not worried about the financial impact of damage from pigeon waste, you should be aware of the health risks.

At Flick Pest Control Solutions, we can design a strategy to prevent pigeons from choosing to roost under your solar panels. This should not only help keep your solar panels operating at optimal efficiency, but also help you avoid other pigeon-related damage or health problems.

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