Winter is here, and with it so are the rats. While rats are always a problem in the winter in Australia, we can expect them to be worse than usual in 2022. So, if you think you have a rat problem or just want to make sure you do not get rats, contact Flick. We can inspect your home, give you tips about exclusion, and set up an extermination program.

Rats and La Nina

Rats may be worse in 2022 because of the lingering effects of La Nina. La Nina patterns caused prolonged rainfall that led to an increase in the rat population. Even though we may no longer have these prime growing conditions, the increase in the rat population means that we have more rats, now. What we do not have is the bumper harvests that sustained an increase in the rat population. The result? We can expect more rats to try to move indoors this winter.

Rats and the Pandemic

Another factor that may be increasing our rat population is the pandemic. When businesses shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, rats that were used to feeding on waste from those businesses began to go hungry. They left their homes in commercial areas and sought out food in other locations. People even reported seeing hordes of rats traveling to different locations. While that is no longer a problem, we are still dealing with the relocation of large groups of rats. As a result, we believe it is more likely that rats will try to enter homes this year than in most years.

The Risks of Rats In Australia

Why are rats such a big risk? They can cause a huge amount of damage. Rats are known as vectors of disease. In addition to risks from direct contact, scratches, or bites, they also spread disease with their feces and urine. In addition, pests that live on rats can leave that host and spread disease to people or pets. Rats also pose a direct threat. They are notorious chewers and may cause significant damage to your home. They can eat insulation, wood, and wiring. Their waste is also dangerous and damaging. If you get a rat infestation, you may have to gut the area to fix the problems that they cause.

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