When you think of pests, you probably think of insects, arachnids, and rodents. But, are you surprised to learn that birds can be one of the worst pests for business owners? Congregating birds can quickly make a mess of your business. Droppings can be unsightly, threaten customer’s cars, and create a walking hazard. Even if the rest of your business is well-maintained, bird droppings can make it look unattractive. The worst part is that droppings can accumulate so quickly that you may not keep them under control.

In addition to scaring away customers, birds can do real damage to your property. Bird feces is acidic. If left on surfaces, it can eat away at them. Over time, it can cause severe damage. From corroding standard surfaces to eating away at roof layers and causing leaks, bird feces can threaten your property. They also pose a threat to health. They can spread mites, diseases, and bacteria. They can also trigger allergies in people who suffer from them. The effect can range from mild irritation to serious illness. Even mild symptoms can make customers reluctant to use your business and harm your employees.

Fortunately, Flick has a solution to your bird problem so you can protect your customers from birds. We use an integrated pest management solution that is tailored to your business and your particular pest problem. For a bird problem, we begin with an inspection. We look at bird hot spots, locate nests, and look for things that may be attracting birds to your location. Sometimes solutions are relatively simple, while other times, the solutions are more complex. That is why we tailor our solution to your particular problem.

What type of solutions do we use? It depends on several factors.

What does your building look like? How big is the space? Can we use netting on your surfaces without damaging them? How big is the infestation?

Some methods we may choose include:

  • Acoustic/ Audible Bird Control Devices
  • Stainless Steel Netting
  • Spinners
  • Spikes
  • Repellants

Whatever we choose, the methods are humane. We have found that this is important, not just to our customers, but to your customers, as well. People feel differently about pest birds than they do about other types of pests. While they want the birds gone from the area, they do not want the birds hurt in the process.

Ready to tackle your pest bird problem? Contact Flick today. We can set up a consultation and present you with a customised solution and protect your customers from birds!

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