Correcting the myths

Many people think that year-round pest control is a daunting option. They believe that year-round pest control will be expensive or that it will expose their families to large amounts of insecticides. However, like in almost every other part of life, prevention is a significant factor in pest control. Year-round pest control is not only less expensive than emergency treatment, but it also reduces health risks and requires fewer insecticides than it takes to treat infestations.

More than just a pest!

While most people think of pests as a nuisance, they are more than annoying. Pests play a significant role in spreading disease, which can lead to health problems for you, your family, and your pets. Pests can spread mildly inconvenient illnesses, but they can also create tremendous health problems and even spread deadly diseases. Year-round pest control can help stop potential health problems before they start.

Pests never just leave!

Year-round pest control is also important because pests do not leave on their own. While you may notice certain pests more at different times of the year, they are not going to abandon your home. Instead, pests may go into hiding at certain times of the year, but that does not mean that they are gone.

Know your annual pest control options

Planning for year-round pest control is less expensive than handling infestations as they occur. Not only does pre-scheduled pest control cost less, but it also helps avoid the damage and destruction that pests can cause. Preventing this damage can result in significant financial savings, in addition to saving time and frustration.

Gain complete peace of mind with regular preventative pest control that can reduce the health risk to your family, target hidden pests and save you money. It can also expose your family to fewer insecticides, prevent damage to your home, and keep your home looking and smelling better. For these reasons, preventative year-round pest control can be a great gift to yourself and your family.

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