Hand hygiene is vital to workplace health and wellbeing. As many as 200 diseases can be transferred from a person’s hands. Our non-touch hand hygiene solutions will help minimise the spread of disease in your workplace environment.

Handwashing plays a vital part in disease prevention. While the current COVID-19 pandemic has led to a greater emphasis on handwashing, it has been a critical part of disease prevention for decades.

Our hands are dirty. In the ordinary course of business, people get all kinds of dirt and germs, including feces on their hands. You may think of that risk as heightened when you use the toilet or change a diaper. However, people get exposed to these germs in all types of ways, from handling raw meat to touching high-touch surfaces like light switches and door handles. For example, you can get germs on your hands if you cough or sneeze in them. Anything you touch can pick up those germs. Therefore, handling anything that someone else has contacted has the potential to spread germs.

People also touch things more than they realise. You may not think of yourself as touching your mouth, nose, or eyes a lot. However, if you start to count how frequently you do so, you will be shocked at how often you touch your face. Likewise, the more often you wash your hands, the less likely you will accidentally transfer germs.

Fortunately, handwashing is a safe, easy, and very effective way to help reduce the spread of diseases.

Handwashing with soap physically removes germs from hands, helping to reduce the spread of germs, and is especially effective if you incorporate frequent handwashing. However, if you are touching surfaces to wash your hands or before leaving a washroom, you reduce the efficacy of handwashing. That’s why going hands-free can help transform workplace hygiene by providing access to soaps, sanitisers, paper towels and air dryers without touching things.

Flick offers the perfect non-touch hand hygiene solution for your business. Our touch-free soap dispensers and hand sanitisers allow you to provide hand hygiene solutions that do not increase the spread of germs. By reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination, we help you create a cleaner, safer environment for your clients and employees. We start by assessing your needs to develop a tailored hygiene plan for your space before installing the hardware you need and even routinely servicing the equipment to keep your office as hygienic as possible at all times.

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