Are you worried that you may have rodents at your business? Even if you have never seen a rodent, you may be missing obvious signs that you have an infestation. You want to know what signs to look for if there are rodents in your business, because the last thing you want is for a customer to see a rodent. Depending on what your business is, evidence of rodents can result in having to shut down your business.

The easiest sign to spot is rodent droppings. Rodents not only leave visible solid waste but can also leave urine trails. If see anything that looks like a waste product, even if you are not sure what it is, it is worth having a pest control company check it out to rule out rodent infestation.

One of the biggest problems with rodent detection is that rodents are great at hiding. That is why Flick’s SMART system is so helpful. It helps detect rodents in hidden spots to help keep a small rodent problem from becoming an infestation.

In addition to waste trails, rodents are known for leaving another type of trail. Commonly known as grease trails, rodents often use the same paths to travel and they rub their bodies against walls when they move. This can result in a greasy-looking trail or spots along the trail.

Another big sign of infestation is rodent nesting. Rodents can use a variety of different materials for nesting, but the most common include shredded paper, fabric, or plant materials. Common nesting places include in the walls, under flooring, and in other hidden spots.

You also want to check for damage. Rodents are chewers, so they may chew holes in walls or floors. These can be large enough to be access points, but they may also chew on wires. Rodents are also known for taking advantage of any existing holes to get into buildings, so a rodent inspection should always include looking for access points.

A potential rodent infestation is a serious problem for a business. If you are worried about rodents at your business, contact Flick Pest Control.

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