Your workplace is unique. That is why you need a unique washroom and hygiene solution that is specifically tailored to your workplace. With a tailored regime, our affordable washroom and hygiene solutions can protect your employees, customers, and visitors to your business.

When planning a hygiene regime for your office, we first take the time to find out about your workplace.

How many workers do you have?

The size of your workforce is important when it comes to tailoring a hygiene solution. It lets us know about your hardware needs and about the frequency of servicing and replacing disposable products so you have plenty of products on-hand.

Do clients visit your workspace?

Are client visits part of your workspace? If so, do you have separate client washroom facilities, or do they use the same washroom as your employees?

What are your workplace demographics?

Is your workplace primarily male or primarily female? What about your client base? Do any clients come to your business with babies or other children that may have diapers? Knowing who uses your restrooms helps us ensure that you have clean facilities that invite and encourage people to follow hygiene practice.

What type of work do you do?

Some works are inherently less hygienic than others. If your workplace is a daycare, you may need more hygiene protocols in place than if you work in a business that only interacts with adults.

What is the layout of your workspace?

Do you have a kitchen or dining area for employees? Do you prepare food on site? Is there a company gym or other facility with a change room? Understanding your workspace’s layout and how these rooms are utilised helps us tailor a plan for you.

Your business is not one-size-fits-all; why should you settle for a washroom and hygiene solution that is? Contact Flick today to find out how to customise a washroom & hygiene plan for how you use your workplace to optimise your employees’ and customers’ health and safety while also protecting your reputation. Give Flick at call at + 1300 270 019 if you have any questions!

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