On this blog we’ve been covering tips, strategies and best practices for keeping your workplace and washrooms as hygienic as possible, as well as discussing the many reasons for striving to do so. As you continue to implement these base measures, consider what solutions might improve your system, or what solutions your particular workplace and workforce might require, or prefer. When it comes to washing hands, many prefer a touchless system.

Because the touching of contaminated surfaces is one of the ways that viruses and bacteria are spread, touchless dispensing systems can play an important role in helping keep transmission at a minimum. While one would hope that there would be little difference in cleanliness between hand-powered paper towel dispensers and touchless options such as no-touch paper towel dispenser and sensor hand dryers the icky reality is, that there is. Many people don’t practice good hygiene in the washroom, and the repeated touching of a paper towel dispenser by those with improperly washed hands often leads to the spread of germs.

Washrooms tend to collect germs at a higher rate than other parts of a commercial building, and a touchless hand drying system eliminates some of the most common touch points in the building. With surface contamination cut down, you should be able to decrease the rate of illness in the office, cutting down on sick days and lost productivity.

Our no-touch range is designed specifically with this knowledge in mind to help our customers in their effort to provide clean and comfortable washrooms. We specialise in creating solutions tailor-made for each client and the specific needs or their industry or workforce. Let’s work together to bring your washroom up to speed. For a free on-site consultation and learn more about our washroom and hygiene solutions contact us on + 1300 270 019.

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