Australia is known for its spiders.  While spiders may be considered harmless in some other parts of the world, they are actually the most widely dispersed venomous animal in Australia.  Fortunately, even when spiders are present, they are unlikely to bite.  In terms of danger to humans, they are far less dangerous than bees, snakes, or sharks.  However, if you are bitten by a highly venomous spider, like a Sydney funnel-web or Redback spider, the envenomation can be severe and may require antivenom.  Fortunately, antivenom for the more dangerous spiders is available, which means that medical attention has prevented most deaths from spider bites for decades. 

Keeping Spiders at Bay

Some steps you can take to keep spiders out of your home are simple.  Removing webs when you see them, filling in gaps in walls and doors to keep spiders from entering, shutting doors and windows for the same reason, and turning off lights in rooms that are not in use because spiders are attracted to light. Other steps include burning strongly scented candles or oils (cinnamon, citrus, or eucalyptus) to deter spiders, and keeping dogs and cats in the home.

However, while those DIY steps may help, the best way to eliminate spiders is to get rid of their food source.  Spiders eat insects.  Remove the insects in your home, and spiders will not want to move in with you.  

Year-round Spider Protection

Flick’s Constant Home Protection is a monthly subscription service that offers four different levels of protection, depending on your pest problem.  We exterminate the interior and exterior of your home, which helps prevent pests from entering.  These services target not only spiders but also the pests that serve as their food, keeping your home pest-free and enjoyable. Give Flick a call at 1300 270 019!

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