Do you think you have carpet beetles? Carpet beetles are known for their distinctive coats. Light brown to black in color, they may have interesting patterns and are covered in hair. In fact, they look like fuzzy little carpets. However, that is not how they got their names. Instead, they are named carpet beetles because of their fondness for eating carpets and other textiles.

If you think you have carpet beetles, the first thing you should do is try to determine how they are getting into your house. Like other types of beetles, carpet beetles are attracted to light. They gather around doorways and windows, attempting to get to light inside your home. If you have any gaps or cracks, they can fly inside. Once inside, they seek out dark areas to live and lay their eggs.

For pests, carpet beetles have a surprisingly long reproductive cycle. It can take over a year for their larvae to mature. That can make it difficult to spot an infestation before the cycle repeats, so that by the time you notice them, you have a real problem.

Carpet beetles may feast on textiles, but they do not live in carpets. Instead, they seek out dark and hidden areas to live. Like cockroaches, you can find carpet beetles in attics, basements, pantries, cabinets, closets, ducts, and air vents.

In fact, you might not notice carpet beetles at all. Many people discover they have a carpet beetle problem when they see the tell-tale damage that carpet beetles leave. If you are noticing holes in clothing, cloth furniture, or books or bare spots in your rugs, you probably have carpet beetles.

Getting rid of carpet beetles can be challenging. They respond best to powerful insecticides, but they can be damaging to fabrics and surfaces. They can also be challenging to DIY safely. You want to avoid distribute it evenly over infested surfaces and then thoroughly remove it. It is important to keep children and pets away from those surfaces. You also want to thoroughly vacuum, and steam clean any surfaces where carpet beetles are present. You may have to repeat treatments; many readily available insecticides kill beetles, but not their eggs.

If you think getting rid of carpet beetles sounds challenging, we have an easy solution for you. At Flick we offer comprehensive pest control services. We can get rid of your carpet beetles and provide routine inspections and treatments to keep your home free from carpet beetles and other pests.

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