If you have spotted a rat in your home, the odds are high that there is more than one. By the time you see rats, there are probably several of them lurking. If you have only seen tell-tale signs of an infestation, such as feces, bite marks, or grease marks, you may not have a huge problem yet. However, whether you are faced with a single rat or an army of rats, tackling the problem by yourself is not a great idea.

For rats, actually, for all rodents, prevention is a much better strategy than extermination. You want to keep rats from being able to get into your home. It does not matter how many rats you kill if you do not do that. You will still have a rat problem.

Preventing rats requires several steps. First, you have to practice exclusion. Exclusion means blocking any entry points into your home. You have to go smaller than you think. Rats can fit into any space where their heads can fit. So, you want to fill any holes. You also want to ensure there are no gaps by your windows or doors and that your vents have covers on them.

You also want to take steps to make your home less attractive. Rats search for food and water. So, get rid of any sources of moisture. Keep your home clean. Store all food in secure containers. Take up pet food at night.

If you have rats, it is essential to get rid of them quickly. Many people try it and see an approach to pest care. However, since rats can carry a variety of diseases, the longer they are in your home, the greater the risk to you.

Another considerable risk of DIY rat control is that it can be dangerous for pets and people. If you choose poisons to kill rats, you must be extremely careful where you place them. Even if you put it in a safe area, using poison threatens pets and wildlife. If they eat the rats, they can also get sick and die. We have alternative pest control methods that do not rely on poisons, so we can eliminate rats without putting your pets, people, or wildlife at risk.

Finally, we suggest avoiding DIY because it is more expensive than you think. It is rare for your first attempt to get rid of the rats. So, you spend more money trying something else. However, since you may not find the source of the problem, you will continue to spend more money. You end up spending less money by hiring professionals to find the source of the problem and eradicate it.

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